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Meet Sable

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Sable is the nominal Main Character (MC, to use the parlance) of The Chronicles of Enoch. He is at the centre of the narrative and the closest confidant of Enoch himself. He is also, as far as he is concerned, damned for all eternity.

He is certain that The Creator's punishment of Atlantis and his own survival (or exile for eternity on Earth) was punishment for simply being him. He will be the first to tell you how unfair this is but he will also be the last to complain about it.

Enough of the data, though, let us hear from Sable himself.


"I was born on an island which doesn't exist and, according to a great many people today, never did. I am living proof of an awful lot of history that never, if you read the official version, never was.

I suppose you could call me a paradox of sorts...

Paradox is something I am quiet used to being; a Nephilim who is hated by his own species for the most part, a damned soul who has spent the last eight millennia doing what he considers to be Good and Right, a deadly fighter who wishes to be a Man of Peace, a devil with a charming half smile and easy manner with practically everyone, a boy who became a man and, at the same time not only had everyone he knew forget his name but he forgot it himself...

I am Sable and Sable is sounds like such a simple and rather clever phrase doesn't it?

It doesn't come close to capturing just how complicated a concept it encapsulates, though. Nothing really can when the prime witness as it were, yours truly, doesn't really know what happened that day.

All I remember is that I entered that damnable Temple of Lucifer's with all of my "uncles" as somebody else and came out some time later as Sable with some interesting scars on my chest. Scars which glowed with a light that wasn't quite light.

I have learned a lot since then but not what we'd consider the most important part; who am I?

What I am is simple to answer.

I am a Nephilim of what is called the First Generation; the direct Progency of the Fallen and mortal women (the first generation of beings that at least looked human anyway). My mother died during my birth, I am told, I still miss this women I never knew with my eyes open. My father, the argument goes, is Abaddon but I am not the only one to have some doubts about that.

OK, I favour my mother in a great many things; the colour of my hair, the shape of my face, my nose, and the form of my eyes but, they continue to say, my eyes are the give away as is my "swarthy" tone of skin. My "devil blue" eyes come from my father, they add.

Abaddon's eyes are green, his complexion pale, and his hair has always been red, as befits an Avatar of War.

So that really begs the question, doesn't it? I have my suspicions but I'll leave those to your imagination because everyone needs to have something uniquely theirs, don't they? Even if it is a compliment from now estranged Uncle Lucifer (I was inordinately proud of that, oddly enough) or the healthy fear their fellow Nephilim hold for them, it's better than nothing, right? Secrets are like gold and diamonds in my world .

Could be worse couldn't it?

Anyway, I owe my current state of affairs to the only true friend I have ever possessed, my strange little not-quite-mortal Enoch. Like me he is, I suppose, quite the paradox. The only man to be "taken up" by The Creator in Heaven while he was still alive and actually come back; more than once in fact.

He has a curious ability to both get himself into terrible trouble and absolute inability to get himself out of it. That's where I come in.

Enoch has pretty much kept me on the straight and narrow these past six hundred years by me keeping him alive, which has not always been an easy task, I can tell you! I've lost count of how many of my "kin" I have slain in excution of my self-imposed duty...quite a few at last count.

Therein lies the largest paradox of Sable. I can say with a modesty which is no way forced that I have never been beaten in any form of combat in close to ten thousand years yet I do not remember ever being formally trained by anyone.

Here's that compliment from Lucifer I was telling you about earlier;

"Sable has an infallible ability to be exactly where he needs not to be, precisely when he needs to not be there, only to deflect the sword aimed at his his heart and, instead of dying, emerge victorious. Even for someone like me, it's preternatural and I've seen a lot humans cannot explain..."

In spite of the current - ah - sad state of our relationship (Lucifer really is not the forgiving sort), I smile when I remember that look in his eyes, his devil blue eyes, as he said that. It was almost...well, you get the idea.

Ecumentically, that poses an interesting cunundrum doesn't it? Me, considering how scripture may or may not refer to me, being the guardian of he who was Chosen to save Mankind by my Grandfather, The Creator.

I suppose that He could never be accused of either lacking a sense of humour or failing to appreciate a decent irony. He surely invented both of these things...


Sable was last seen in the vicinity of Antoine "Ice-Bear" McCullough's gym near Atlanta but, owing to a complicated history between him and the witness, no further investigation was carried out....

Until Asmodeus nearly ran him over last week...

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