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Darkness Within, Excerpts Available

It has been quite some time since The Chronicles of Enoch were announced and almost a year since The Preludes of Enoch were released.

We have been hearing that appetites were indeed whetted by The Preludes. That people are growing a shade restless to see the first book. We have heard many impatient noises, in fact.

We apologise.

With something of this scale and scope, the task is quite the challenging one but, be assured, your patience will be richly rewarded.

For the time being, please accept two excerpts from Darkness Within to give you a feel for what is coming.

Follow the url here shown to learn more.

We give you two contrasting but interweaved tales from two very different beings but, as the more studious of you may know, little is as it appears to be where The Chronicles of Enoch are concerned.

Excerpt One: Lilith

Lilith was the first woman created. We say 'was' because she was, to use her words, edited out of the official version for bad behaviour. She refused, it is said, to submit to Adam, wanting to be his equal and, as scholars of religious works may have guessed, this did not go down very well.

She retreated from the Garden and, upon hearing of Eve's creation, swore eternal revenge upon her usurper's children.

Excerpt Two: Atlantis

We all know the story of Atlantis but, perhaps, we may not know the most important part, that it is a true story. Perhaps the stories we know are inaccurate to quite a significant degree. Atlantis existed and continues to do so, ten miles beneath the ocean. The Biblical Flood was released because of what Lucifer and his fellow Fallen were doing there. Plato's story is, indeed, significantly out of date.

We present the Fall of Atlantis from Sable's point of view and, through his eyes and ears, witness the incredible, though rarely spoken about, event of Lucifer and Michael's final conversation.

These excerpts are free to read to your heart's content. They are from different extremes of Darkness Within and are definately part of the main narrative. Clues, hints, various mysterious armaments left around by numerous Russian authors and playwrights abound within each.

Please enjoy.

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