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Chronicles of Enoch : Preludes Anniversary Edition Cover Art Announcement 

A brand new signed cover has been created for Chronicles of Enoch : Preludes to celebrate the upcoming Anniversary Edition (available for pre-order in our online bookstore).

The Anniversary Edition (eBook and paperback) will feature this cinematic cover as well as;

  1. Every page watermarked with text from the Book of Enoch in its original Enochian script

  2. Limited edition signed artwork to begin every chapter

  3. Limited to 100 copies of each for the time being. Each copy will be signed and numbered.

  4. A free gift item of merchandise from our new line is being considered, depending on number of orders.

  5. If you buy the paperback, the EBook is free.

  6. All eBook proceeds (or equivalent if you get that free) will be donated to assist Australian Bushfire victims *

* The Australian Red Cross was going to be our chosen charity but recent controversy has led us to question this decision. Alternative suggestions would be welcome

Order your copy today from our online bookstore and be prepared to own something truly unique.

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