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As many of you will be aware, The Chronicles of Enoch have gone through a number quite exciting changes recently...

We have moved from a free, generic domain onto our own branded one: The Chronicles of Enoch's own website is live, fully indexed on Google, Bing, and everywhere else and raring to reach a new audience.

We have set-up an exploratory shop launch: we have partnered with Printful to design a number of custom merchandise items with a Chronicles of Enoch theme. So far, we have Samsung & iPhone cases, t-shirts, a cup, and posters but we intend to add more soon. Visit our shop to view our current collection and drop Enoch a line to find out more.

We have gone mobile: The new website has been painstakingly redesigned, tweaked, tested, and adapted to look just perfect in the mobile world. So far, on all of the devices we have tested so far, the result should be deeply pleasing to you all.

We have pledged to Give Back: Many of you will probably have noticed that giving back, karma, and balancing your good fortune with 'the invisible accountant' is a recurrent theme in The Chronicles. Until the end of June 2020, proceeeds from all copies of The Preludes of Enoch sold through Amazon and all eBooks of the same downloaded directly from our website will be donated to the Australian Red Cross in aid of the Bushfire crisis.

We have redesigned: Several comments coming out way these past few weeks regarding the new website have been rather complimentary. As we went about redesigning, laying out, creating and rewriting (a process which rather felt like working on a novel, now that we think about it...we sense another blog post coming soon), a thought struck us. We need consistency. We need an image. We need the bread that will hold all of our fillings inside the sandwich. So we developed one and we hope you like it.

We are producing Preludes Anniversary Editions: which will be available to purchase from our site. These editions will be very much improved from their more pedestrian original edition cousins. We are thinking of limiting at least the paperbacks to 100 editions and numbering each as well as signing them. Each copy will feature full-colour artwork, a redesigned cover, and many other little details were are sure your bookshelf will appreciate. Order your copy from our online bookstore today.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that we are moving forward. The excitement of creating so much new content has set our creative juices on a rolling boil and that means that, with the new Darkness Within cover design firing our neurons like a million little fireflies in a dark room, that the wait may be close to over...

Well, we will need to find an agent first at least...

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