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A Day in the Life of...A Writing Experiment 

A creative writing attempt to see the world through the eyes of another; in this case my former best mate and crazy hound Ty, Border Collie and Labrador mix....

I often did wonder what went on in his we know.. Something smells funny, I'll have to go and investigate it soon enough but that food looks so good. Maybe I'll wait a bit. Eh? That's quite a funny noise there! Let me see if shouting at it helps, maybe it'll come and visit me and then I'll know what it is. Oh yes, than smell, I think it's coming from over there, I'll just follow it and see where it leads. Ooh food! My favourite actually, at least i think so...they must keep giving it to me because I like it surely? Well it does hit the spot so I don't mind either way. Now what was i doing? Oh yes than smell again.....hmmmm it seems to come from over here, i do wonder where it leads. Smells funny though, I don't think I've smelt this before...let me go and look........ohh i like this stick, very chewy indeed but who put it here? I don't remember it being here last light. Water fell on me and made me wet all over just before the dark and i had to hide under a bush, there was some smell inside that made me sneeze! Oh how i sneezed and sneezed! I wish that itch on my belly would go away! Let me scratch it now.....

i think it's....ahhh...yes...right there..ooooooh that feels nice! Himself from across the way is being noisy again! I never see him but my gosh does he shout and shout all of the time! I shout back at him to let him know he's bothering people and to see if he'll be quiet for once.......he seems to be frightened of everything that one, not like me! I'm a big boy now and I'm scared of nothing! Ha!

I shout this back to him, "Mine, Mine, Mine!" and he doesn't seem to like it......he goes quiet but i know he's sulking.

Oh! It's one of those squeeky things that runs above me and makes me dizzy when i try to follow it! I like them and want to see if one of them will be my friend but i can never catch one of them, as high as i jump and try to grab it from up. I call to them sometimes but they seem to not understand me....

I don't understand them either, that strange noise like the tail-less make is all they seem to be able to do, not like us, we make so many noises and say so many things! But they make me think of my tail-less and that makes me feel happy! The wet starts falling down again and i decide to go back inside and wait for my tail-less to come back from wherever it is he goes during the lights. I'm hungry now and i can't quite reach that itch....but he'll scratch it for me....he always finds the best place to scratch!

I curl up in my basket and sigh happily as i drift off to dream.......

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