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Perrithwaite - The Chronicles of Enoch

Former Earl of Derby and fourth cousin of Queen Elizabeth of England who was murdered in 1989 by the Provisional IRA.


Rumours about his continued survival, as well as that of his daughters and their children, abound but no reports of even mistaken identity have ever occurred. 


Some claim he is the Grand Master of the Illuminati but few give this ridiculous idea much credit.


Has personally launched the search for Sander Vanderbilt and his surviving family.


Personally gave the order to induct their newest recruit and send him out to find the boy.  

Sir James Perrithwaite

The organisation which Sir James Perrithwaite heads does not exist; his office is on an island that is not there and he, himself, died twenty years ago. That is, at least, the official version.


In October of 1989, sailing off the Western coast of Ireland with his terminally ill wife; twin daughters and their five young grandchildren, his family yacht was fired upon by a Provisional IRA terrorist armed with an RPG-7 rocket launcher. The thermobaric rocket this unidentified man fired that day hit the yacht full on the wheelhouse and what was not immediately vapourised was thrown for miles once the explosive device hidden weeks before was set off by the fire. Nobody survived. Little wreckage was left and, due to the fuel-air vapourisation of much of the craft and later semtex explosion, little organic material was found.  Sir James Perrithwaite, Earl of Derby, was a close cousin of Queen Elizabeth II had been considered the perfect target for the IRA to receive the public attention and outrage they felt their campaign needed. 


The British public was indeed outraged but Peace in  Northern Ireland was on the horizon so the British government dared not respond as the people demanded. The Prime Minister resigned in shame. In private, the Queen understood and accepted his apology but in public had no choice but to rebuke him and accept the resignation.


The Queen would be even more outraged, perhaps, had she known that nobody died in that attack which was not arranged by the IRA at all but a much more shadowy organisation than even them. Perrithwaite had been voted as the new Grand Master by the Twenty-Four Elders and he had accepted. In order to avoid suspicion, it had been Tradition for centuries to choose Grand Masters from among the dead or, at least, those thought to be dead. "Dead men tell no tales" goes the much favoured saying. Perrithwaite will never leave Home Island by conventional means for as long as he lives.


Of course, the Illuminati have access to less conventional means, no conspiracy theorist would be able to take them seriously if they did not.


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