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An Irishman from the Isle of Arran who is a  5th  generation nephilim zooanthrope who can assume the form of various hawks and raptors.


Apparently, of a long and noble nephilim lineage, he likes to bore people with the details of. 


Often serves as the Pack's forward scout.


Has an odd liking for pigeons, he says pollution and poor diet add a kind of 'fast food' taste to them that you can't get enough of.


Claims direct descent from several of the First who settled in Ireland.


Has been compared physically to the gluttonous and spaced out human sidekick of a certain talking cartoon dog.



Declan Farran

Declan Farran is an Irishman, something he reminds people of regularly. "Not one of these '..Oh, for me great-great-granddad was Oirish and I love a wee sip o' dee Guinness' but born and raised, farther back than almost anyone alive can work out." He is from the Isle of Arran, in County Donegal. He owns several of the woollen sweaters the island is famous for and wears them during the Atlanta winters. Pack members have joked that he doubles in width when he puts one on. Lorasta has joked that she has seen more meat on a pencil.


Red-haired and freckle-faced, Farran is built like the birds he can shift into the forms of. Even in human form, he has what Asmodeus calls a 'hunter's eye' with something approaching admiration


He is a fifth-generation zooanthrope who claims he can trace his heritage back to the 'Tuatha Dé Danann" or original nephilim who crossed the ocean from the sinking of Atlantis and became the gods of Ireland. He will claim direct descent from both Lugh Golden-Hand and Cúchulainn, as well as various other members of the Irish pantheon. He will recite his lineage in great detail to anyone who will dare to listen which is nobody. The tale is long and boring to anyone who is not Farran. 


He is a rather unique kind of zooanthrope who can assume the forms of a variety of different hunting birds; hawks, eagles and some kinds of owls. He will tell people it is because of the strength of his blood which hasn't been 'watered down' by mixing with mortals like theirs has. As you can tell, Farran doesn't really have that many friends. Most people think him boring and avoid him. That suits his avian raptor personality fairly well though so he doesn't mind.  If he feels down, he'll shift and hunt something small and furry. Asmodeus has been heard to joke that this will be the closest the boring mess of freckles will get to something small, furry and w... 


Oddly enough, apart from jokes like these, Asmodeus actually treats Farran with something not usually associated with the little Fallen; respect. It has been muttered that "it's almost that the little old freak thinks he's royalty or something..." Considering what the pack suspect about their newest member and leader, these jokes carry a note of unease; maybe he really knows something...

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