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A former Royal Marine Captain, Met Police Detective and counter-intelligence Section Leader in British Mi6.


Combat veteran wounded during the decisive battle for Port Stanley during the Falklands War conflict between Britain and Argentina in 1982. 


Head of the Illuminati Intelligence Section based on Home Island; a place which will be found on no map nor seen by any satellite.


Will leave Home Island on rare occasions when his sharp mind is needed with no delay or remove. 


If he truly trusts you, he will tell you about the beings he saw and even fought against during the Malayan Emergency in 1959. He met on individual it has been his obsession to relocate ever since.



Douglas Fairfield

Douglas Fairfield is former British Metropolitan Police and, so the rumours go, also former Mi6 (British Military Intelligence). He served in the Royal Marines 3 Battalion for eighteen years and fought on the dreaded Tumbledown mountain during the Falklands War.


He lost a lot of friends during that bloody battle and almost lost his left leg to hand grenade shrapnel. He will tell you that he got his limp that day (though he refuses to walk with a cane or stick) as well as some very dark memories. He will never talk about what he saw that day but he was done with the army, he will tell you. 


He is considered quite the sharp-humoured fellow; not only in temper but also concerning his sense of humour. Not a joker as such but possessed of sarcasm which cuts like a razor. 


It was Fairfield's meticulous and dedicated skill in the intelligence community which first drew Sir James Perrithwaite's eye in his direction. He was one of a bare handful of operatives recruited by the alleged Grand Master himself. Since then, he has proven an efficient and highly imaginative chief of intelligence for the Illuminati. He has an instinct for recognising the best staff to recruit and for fostering the best innovators. Under his guidance and firm leadership, the Home Island Surveillance Centre truly lives up to that organisation's reputation for seeing everything and Watching Over everyone.


It would appear that, for the first time, the Illuminati are actually catching up with The Enemy, catching their schemes before they go, to use the military argot 'Charlie Foxtrot'. There is still, at times, the odd Charlie, Fairfield will admit, but much less Foxtrot than in proceeding years. 


Fairfield also liaises with the Advanced Research Directorate based also on Home Island. It is he who green-lighted the new Phase Six Drone programme; long-distance and Near-Autonomous spy devices which, if you believe Fairfield, regularly patrol major cities worldwide. 


Of course, he will smile, those are not the only tricks he has up his team's collective sleeve. Anyone high up enough in any military or intelligence organisation in the world would, he quips, disarm their country nuclearily for just five minutes with one of the new computers.

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